Theatre (70') 

When every citizen is ordered to return to their place of birth, ‘Where We Began’ examines where we could end up.

A wild and vivid vision of the future, combining storytelling, movement and live music. Five performers from across the globe challenge existing notions of ‘home’ in this multilingual celebration of personal identity.

Commissioned by Camden People's Theatre, Theatre in the Mill and CAST and supported by Arts Council England.
Where We Began is a winner of Bridging The Gap and will tour nationally in Autumn 2018.

(Script available on request)



Theatre (60')

Locked up. Shipped around. Sold as sex. In the black of night 'Tanja' fled to safety on the shores of England. Another asylum seeker now held at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre; Britain’s best kept secret. Refuge lies just beyond the barbed wire fence, but at what cost? With immigration issues reaching fever pitch, this is the story of one woman’s bravery in the midst of prejudice and abuse. This is what she would have said, if only we’d let her… 

An impassioned call to arms, a play and a campaign: ‘Tanja’ is a dramatic meta-theatrical exploration of immigration detention centres starring Emily Ntshangase-Wood - a former Yarl’s Wood detainee. 

(Script available on request)




Theatre (60') 

Inspired by astonishing true stories, Inside is a psychological drama that explores the effects of Stockholm Syndrome on a kidnap victim desperate to keep hope. Locked in a basement for 12 years, she has survived physical and psychological abuse by escaping to her childhood and recording video messages to her Mum. Now, reeling from her latest beating and in the most critical hour of her captivity, the victim discovers that not everything she's been told is true. But to find a way out, she'll have to break through something much stronger than just the basement door.

(Script available on request)